15th August, 2018

Testing 123UPP

close Testing 123UPP

Day 3 evening super session.
Pastor Biodun Lawal
Topic: Innovation in concept and delieverables.
Gal 4:7. God has giving everyone special abilities.
You are not a burden to the system you are a blessing to the system.
1 cor 2:14-16. I have the mind of Christ. I have special abilities.
Having insight to every thing.  We have the very taught and mind of Christ.
Col 2:6-11
Special abilities
You have the mid of Christ
You don´t need a horoscope, microscope to know the fullness of Christ.
Innovation is different from invention.
Creativity 3 levels.
He who creates is better that someone who discover.
Invention: Is a new process
It´s the application of creating something new.
Innovation: is invention coppled with commercialised,
Having new ways of doing things is innovation.
Innovation is best when it gives or add value.